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Perlight Solar's Black Solar Panel

Perlight Black Solar Panel

If some salesman has you convinced that every Black solar panel is created equal, better think again.


Compare Perlight's higher efficiency, much better negative tolerance rating, higher PTC to STC ratio and much lower price to the other black framedd offerings and you'll immediately see why Perlight Solar makes a far better investment for the money. 

Compare Perlight To These Other Brands Of Black Solar Panel








Lower Percentage Is Better.


Lower Percentage Is Better.


The Best Negative Tolerance Rating On The Market.

* Negative Tolerance: For example, if you purchase a 230 watt solar panel that has a 5% negative tolerance rating then the manufacturer is only guaranteeing that you will receive a 218.5 Watt even though the solar panel is new and right out of the box. A 0% negative tolerance rating is as good as it gets !








A Higher Percentage Is Better.


A Higher Percentage Is Better.


A Higher Efficiency Means More Power Per Square Inch Of Active Material.


Never Take Any Salesman's Word On Performance, Always Compare Spec Sheets.

When You Do, You'll Find That Perlight Solar Panels Are The Clear Winner
Time And Time Again.

PERLIGHT SOLAR PLM-M250  Black 250 Watts This solar panel is manufactured using only the strictest quality control measures. And for a limited time we are going to let them go at a blowout price !  They come with a 25 year factory warranty and offer the best negative tolerance rating 0%/+5 Watts ! And are perfect for any high power application. Maximum power is 31.1 Volts @ 8.03 Amps peak. Maximum system voltage 1,000 Volts DC Dimensions L 65.0" X W 39.1 X H 1.8" Weight 46.0 LBS

Power Tolerance - 0%/+5 Watts !

Click here to download the PLM-250 specsheet.

Solar Home only sells solar panels that have been manufactured with solar cells that have been cut from solid ingots of silicon !

When shopping for solar panels, always insist on solar panels that use solar cells that have been cut from a solid silicon ingot.
Many of the solar panels that are on the market that use silicon that is not cut from solid silicon ingots may offer lower efficiencies, poorer tolerances or lesser warranties !

No thin film, ribbons, bows or strings attached !



List Price $1,295.00 Each



Black Solar Panels

 15.3 % Module Efficiency !

0% Negative Tolerance Rating !


On Sale For Only A limited Time

$564.00 Each



Solar Panels Black Black Backing




If You're Interested In Solar Panels For Your RV Or Cabin, A Complete System Is A Much More Cost Effective Way To Go.

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Products engineered to deliver highest lifetime value

Perlight Solar is a vertically integrated solar manufacturer which manufactures its own silicon, wafers, cells and modules. This strategy gives Perlight full control over its entire manufacturing process which assures  modules quality and performance.

Baolite Group is the parent company for Perlight Solar. Founded in 1982 as one of the first national joint-stock cooperative enterprises in China, the beginning of time as far as Chinese companies are concerned. A privately owned company now involved in apparel manufacturing, financial investment, real estate, medicine and renewable energy. The Group has total assets of over $100 million. The primary plant is more than 1,350,000 square feet with a larger new facility under construction. The Group employs over 5000 skilled personnel, management and technical staff

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